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The company R & D institutions for the provincial R & D center, company headquarters under the Railway Engineering Machinery Research Institute, Department of information technology, technology application and testing center specializing in product research, development and process management, and the establishment of the golden eagle in March 26, 2009 (Wuhan) railway mechanical engineering research and development center. It has technical personnel, including diesel locomotive, electric locomotive, railway vehicle, railway electrification, railway engineering, engineering machinery, loading and unloading machinery, mechanical manufacturing, fluid mechanics, automatic control, electronic engineering, computer software, technical and economic and other professional personnel. The company always put the development of humane, intelligent, high-tech new products and services as one of the purpose of the enterprise, the maximum extent possible to meet the domestic demand of customers, timely grasp the market, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, technology and innovation as the driving force for enterprise development, and constantly develop new products with domestic and international advanced level the. In the process of product development and design, CAD aided design has been adopted since 1989. At present, PDM (product data management system) is used to further improve the process management of product design, and further improve the efficiency of product development by using 3D design software. The company has basically achieved information management.
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